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Tender Seekers

"Cold prospects, like the type you may encounter should you buy a mailing list, are not likely to generate a present. Your mailing list is the key to your success. A quick Google search would inform a recipient of the business's business design and it wouldn't take an immense leap to establish that the main reason they might be reaching .

Cover letters are an invaluable part of the resume writing process. Very similar to a professional referral, an introduction letter creates a very first impressionand you would like to earn a nice one! The letter will reach the addressee punctually and allow you to get instant reaction. As a sales letter which has a simple and natural flow to it is much more inclined to have read and acted on.

TitleTender Business.GetBiz TenderSeekers Bootstrap3 1170 30gutter.jpg
CaptionTender Seekers
Published DateApril 5, 2017
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